Booking instructions


Booking instructions

Hi, welcome to you!


How can you book a Short Stay room with us?
You applied for housing through your University in Amsterdam. The housing office of the University can assign you to De Key to offer you accommodation for one or two semesters. We will send you an invitation e-mail with an activationlink to your online account on our booking website.

CIEE, IES, RAK and KIT students, only see one room online to book, reserved by your University program in Amsterdam. 

Booking payment
To complete the booking of your room, a payment is required in the final step where the amount (deposit) will be mentioned. Have your credit card ready. Unless you are informed otherwise by your University or us.

Credit Card
You can only pay the full amount with 'one' credit card (VISA or Mastercard). With expiry dates of 04/22 or longer is advised for one semester reservations, expiry dates of 11/22 or longer for two semester reservations!

STEP 1. Go online to see the room offer by activating your account via the link in your invitation e-mail. Verify your date of birth (DD-MM-YY).
STEP 2. You will receive a new email with a password - log in. When you are online - please check your personal details.
STEP 3. Tick the box to continue.. and find the available room offer reserved for you by the University. (it can take a minute or two to load the requested data)

Your personal details

- Is how you are registered at your University and will be on your official tenancy agreement! 

- Please note: Initials can be móre than one letter if you have multiple firstnames/middlename.

- Please read carefully! And only request a change in your details when it requires an official adjustment. (Your account will be blocked temporary when you do, as it will need our attention during office hours to make corrections and get you going again)


Attention to the following:

- Popular rooms are booked the first. Options get limited by the day/minute in our online room offer. Advise is to book a room you like, as soon as possible.

- Some accommodations do not cover full lengths of school programs unfortunatly - the final lease dates are mentioned at each offer.

- Before you complete the booking - double check the lease conditions of the room you book - the final lease dates are not adjustable!

- After this lease - we cannot offer another room nor can we extend your stay.                                         

- Your account expires after 6 days. Within that time, you will need to have booked a room.

- You know you have secured your room and completed the booking, when you receive a confirmation e-mail with your lease agreement in a PDF file attached. No lease is no room!

- shared room? You will book one half of an apartment on paper - A or B part. Couples? The student registered with the University - books the room.                                          

For more information regarding our accommodations, download the app De Key Short Stay student - or browse to look at the location coach and accommodation info of each building.

Good luck with booking! Hoping to be welcoming you soon and you will enjoy you stay with us during your studies here! :)

Kind regards,

Housing Foundation De Key - /
(Available during office hours - Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 5 PM)