Booking tips


Booking tips

Here are some tips to be prepared for the booking procedure. 

Tenancy duration

The tenancy duration is pre decided by your university, \this is a fixed date that cannot be changed, extended or shortened.

UvA en AUAS student who stay till summer might have a choice of several ending dates.

Enough credit limit on your credit card?  

When you book a room you usually pay one month rent, a refundable deposit (1 or 2 months rent) and a administration fee. (the fee includes the bedding & welcome package)

Please make sure your VISA or MasterCard has payment limit of at least €2000,00.

Bed type
We offer two bed types:

  1.  Single bed (90 - 200 cm).
  2.  Queen size bed (140 - 200 cm). The queen size room have a more modern and new design.

Smoke free buildings and rooms.

- These locations are 100% smoke free: 

  1. Maassluistraat/Vlaardingenlaan
  2. Plantage Muidergracht 20

- All our shared rooms are smoke free. 

- All shared facilities in all buildings are smoke free.