Check out time

Remember: remove all personal items including bedding to avoid a fine that is booked from your depost payment!

You need to vacate your room on the last day of your tenanacy agreement before the time indicated below.

Date Check out time
   June 17 (Monday)                       9 AM
   July 5   (Friday)                       9 AM
   July 15 (Monday)                       9 AM 
   Other dates                     11 AM

Your room keys

Put your keys inside an envelope with your room number written on it (keys without an address will not be accepted as a handover, you will be charged for this). Don't forget to lock your room. Drop the envelope in the caretaker's mailbox.

When you fail to return your roomkeys before 9 or 11 AM (see info above) on the final day of your tenancy agreement, you will be charged for the replacement of the keys and lock.


  Location caretaker's mailbox


 At the caretaker's office near entrance of  Bijltjespad 42 or 44.


 Fraijlemaborg 15B.


 No mailbox. Leave the envelope in your room and close the door behind you.

 H. Cleyndertweg

In the main hall.


 Opposite the elevators on the ground floor


 In the main hall.

 Plantage Muidergracht 20

 Downstairs in the central hall.

 Prins Hendrikkade

 Mailbox​ is red and marked "return keys only"


 Located on the outside of the building,  next to the main entrance. It is the mailbox on the bottom right.


 Zuiderzeeweg 90-R.