The weekly cleaning is carried out by our cleaning partner Subi Ariba, on Mondays.

  • The common areas such as hallways and entrances are cleaned once a week.
  • The kitchens and bathrooms are done every two weeks. Bathrooms are done in even weeknumbers, kitchens in uneven weeknumbers.
  •  Subi Ariba will only clean the floor and kitchen countertop if it is emptied out by the residents. So make sure the floor and countertop is free of items on Monday morning.

What do you have to clean yourselve(s)?

  • All dishwashing
  • The inside of the refrigerators
  • Bring all your garbage down on garbage days (Wednesday and Saturday morning).Ssee chapter Garbage in Your Stay section.


Not satisfied with the cleaning?

Please send an e-mail via the link below and we will address it.