Update 15-10-2021: Unfortunately the demolotion work has not been finished. They need 2 or 3 more days next week. On Thursday they will start with the construction of the bicycle storage. This will also cause some drilling nuisance.

The work starts Mondag again. Have a good weekend!

Update 11-10-2021: Our apologies for the loud noise early in the mornings. We understand the demolition work is causing a lot of nuisance for you.

The working hours are from 7:30am till 3:30pm and we we hope to finish this demolition work by the end of the week. Thank you for your understanding.

This new bicycle storage is expected to be ready for you in November.

Update 1-10-2021: At the beginning of next week they will start placing construction fences. First they will drop off the side of the Prince Hendrikkade. A few days later we will also install the fences in the central area. The demolition work for the new bicycle shed underneath A42-A78 is now scheduled to start on Tuesday 5 October.  First they will start there with removing/walking out of the storage doors. There might be some nuisance caused by transport movements/construction traffic in the central area. 2 days after there will be hacking and breaking work on the walls. This will take a few days and cause more nuisance.

This was a message from the project leader of UBA.

Update 29-9-2021: As you have seen, they removed most washing machines and dryers a bit sooner than expected. All the new machines will be available tomorrow afternoon in the Common Room behind the door across from the entrance. This should be visible in the Wash & Go app.

Appologies for this inconvienance!

Update 21-9-2021: Thursday September 23 there will be no electricty between 13:00h (1pm) and 15:00h (3pm) in the C-building only.

What for? Electrical work for the laundry room in the Common Room. 

Update 20-9-2021: Thursday, September 23 there will intermittet drops of the internet between 8:00h (8am) and 15:00h (3pm). If you have a keyless room/apartment you may have to wait a few minutes to access during these drops.

What for? Relocation of the internet patch closet.

Dear residents,

In recent years, De Key has been working on a plan for the Prins Hendrikkade Campus. It will be a place for students with a lot of meeting facilities. There will be a common room and a beautiful courtyard garden. The former storage rooms will be converted into a bicycle shed and there will be new construction with 34 student residences. All work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023. On the attached map you can see what the Prins Hendrik Campus will look like and where the facilities are. In this letter you can read more about the planned activities.

Preparations have begun!

The preliminary phase was thorough and took a lot of time. But you will have noticed that we have started with the first preparations. For example, a temporary power house has already been installed and the Wash & Go will soon be temporarily moved to the current communal area. For this reason you can already expect nuisance on Friday, September 10.

Monday, September 13 we will start the work for the bicycle shed

The shed is expected to be ready by mid-November and you can safely park your bicycle there. Until then, nothing will change about the current access for storing bicycles.

The work for the communal area and the new building will start in mid-October

We are working with the entire construction team to limit the nuisance for all local residents as much as possible. The piles for the foundations are screwed and a lot of building components are supplied prefab. This means less noise and dust. However, you have to take into account some inconvenience.

We will keep you informed

We will keep you informed of the progress of the work or expected inconvenience via the app. The construction company UBA Bouw B.V. will have an office on campus (see map in the appendix). Do you experience nuisance or do you want to report something? Then you can contact head of construction, Jochem van der Linden. You can also call telephone number +31 297 543400.

Do you have questions about this letter?

Send an email to your caretaker evelien.vanwillegen@dekey.nl.


With best regards,

Maarten Thier

Project manager Woonstichting De Key