In the first quarter of 2019 construction company "Dura Vermeer" started renovating the office building next door.

They expect serious and unavoidable nuisance. The project will be finished in 2020, at this moment we do not know when it will be ready.

Residents of Grote Bickersstraat/Bickerwerf will be informed by Dura Vermeer directly. If possible, we will share any additional information available to us through these pages. 

Normally construction companies start as early as 7 AM, sometimes even slightly earlier. 

The project is not carried out by De Key.

Project update July 2nd 2019:
In december the new facade is expected to be finished and the nuisance is likely to become less severe (indication given by Dura Vermeer)

For questions and complaint the construction company " Dura Vermeer" has an email address available:

Letter from Dura Vermeer: 

Dear Sir / Madam,

By means of this letter we inform you of the renovation work on the office building de Walvis on Grote Bickerstraat 74-78 in Amsterdam.

Demolition work
Most demolition work has since been carried out, which is clearly visible. Now the floor edges will still have to be cut to size and some local adjustments must be made in the building itself to be able to close this part.

Various transports will also take place for this work in the coming period. Removal ofdemolition materials and supply of building materials. If necessary, we will use traffic controllers for transport.

Phasing out
In the coming period, a start will be made with the rough finishing, that is to say, interior walls will be erected and installation facilities will be started. Mid-June the façade on the water side will be started.

Construction site
We use the Code of Conduct of the Conscious Builders at our construction site and in doing so we try to limit the inconvenience of our work.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you have a complaint regarding our work, you can contact us via the email address dewalvis@duravermeer.nl.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


De Walvis project team
Dura Vermeer Maintenance and Renovation Midden West BV