COVID-19 is a concern for all of us

We have noticed that many residents come to us with questions. We live and work in an international environment, our student complexes are a reflection of that. We can imagine that this topic also concerns you on a daily basis, especially when you share your room and/or facilities with (a) room/flat mate(s). Based on the information in the link below it is important to make good hygiene and safety agreements with each other.

Please follow the guidelines as given bij the authorities and the Dutch government.

The cleaning companies are also taking extra care of the contact surfaces, like doorhandles. But you also need to make proper agreements with each other about the use of shared facilities.

Do you have a question?

Please contact us via info@dekey.nl or via 020 - 6214 333.

Quarantaine when travelling from a orange or red country

Please keep in mind that it is strongly advised to go into quarantaine for 14 days when travelling from an orange or red marked country. 

What does self-quarantaine mean?

Stay at the place where you are in quarantine. Do not receive visitors.

During the self-quarantine period do not travel or go to another location in the Netherlands. People arriving from abroad may not return to their country of origin.

If you do not develop any symptoms that could be caused by coronavirus, you can end the self-quarantine after 14 days

The following rules apply during self-quarantine:

Work from home and do not use public transport.

If you are a healthcare professional you may under certain conditions go to work. Discuss this with the municipal health service (GGD) or your company doctor.

Nobody may visit you, except for medical purposes (for example, a family doctor or a GGD official).

Only members of your household may be at home with you. Make sure you have as little contact as possible with members of your household and keep 1.5 metres apart wherever possible. This means no hugging, kissing or sex.

If you need medical assistance do not go to your family doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead.

Ask other people to do grocery shopping for you. If this isn’t possible, you may briefly go out to do grocery shopping. But only if you do not have any symptoms.

You can sit outside if you have a garden or balcony.

Self-Quarantaine when moving into a private room with private facilities

Since you have your own kitchen and bathroom, it is a bit easier to keep your distance from others. But how do you get your groceries? 

A lot of supermarkets have an online delivery service, but these websites are not available in English. You can use Google translate or ask an RA for help via email, facebook or whatsapp. You can also order food online at companies like thuisbezorgd.nl and uber eats.

Self-quarantaine when moving into a private room or shared room with shared facilities

This means you will have room - or housemates sharing the room or facilities with.
Please try to use the shared facilities as little as possible in the first 14 days of your stay, wash your hands before you use it, and clean the kitchen and bathroom/toilet, and all the items you touched in it, afterwards.

Always keep a distance of at least 1,5 metres from your housemates during these 14 days! When you share also the bedroom, please make proper agreements with each other. Keep your distance as much as possible.

When you need a buddy during your self-quarantaine

Please note: if you develop COVID-19 symptoms, please get yourself tested! If you test positive, please inform De Key and the University of this as well.

Get to know each other

Please note: Most of our buildings have a Facebookpage and/or Residence Assistants. Check out if your building has a Facebook page or Resident Assistants (RA's). Please get to know each other and ask for assistance if you need to. Students can be of each others assistance in doing groceries (and putting it in front of the door) for example. Don't be afraid to ask :-) and make a whatsapp group with your co-residents! We also would like to point out that it is really nice to become a member of the ASVA, THE student union for all students in Amsterdam or check out the ISN page

If you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you have any symptoms you must stay indoors.

You can get tested at the municipal health service (GGD).

If you have other health conditions or severe coronavirus symptoms, phone a doctor.

Stay at home and avoid contact with others until you have received the test results.

If the test if negative, continue to self-quarantine until the period of 14 days is over.

If the test is positive:

You must self-isolate. Avoid contact with housemates, family members and visitors.

Follow the advice of the local health authorities/GGD.

Your travelling companions and/or family members will also have to start or continue self-quarantining.

You may not travel. If you do not live in the Netherlands, you may not return to your country of origin. 

The GGD will start source and contact tracing (in the case of tourists only for their stay in the Netherlands).

Practice good personal hygiene.
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, and always:

- after coughing and sneezing
- after going to the toilet
- after tidying up and cleaning
- before preparing and eating food
- Use a paper tissue when coughing and sneezing. If you do not have a paper tissue at hand, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
- Use a tissue once only and then dispose of it immediately. Then wash your hands.

FAQ's about tourism and COVID-19 in the Netherlands

Quarantine for 14 days after arrival

Everyone flying to and from the Netherlands must fill in a health screening form. If they report symptoms that suggest they may have COVID-19, they will not be allowed to board the airplane. Everyone arriving in the Netherlands from a country that falls under a travel ban is strongly advised to self-quarantine for 14 days immediately after arrival. 

Where to buy food and drinks when you are in quarantaine?
for groceries delivered to your front door
Thuisbezorgd for meals and drinks delivered to your door
Uber Eats for meals and drinks delivered to your door

Read this for all information about COVID-19