Last update: April 17 2019

Construction  near Plantage Muidergracht 125

There are currently two construction projects near the building.

1. Sint Jacob project. The building opposite Plantage Muidergracht 20, a former nursing home called Sint Jacob, is being demolished and rebuilt.

This is located just 90 to 100 meters from Plantage Muidergracht 125.

After a long run, this project finally started in April 2019. (photo was made April 17 2019) The contractor has started demolition work and we therefore expect serious nuisance in the coming period.

De Key counts on the fact that the contractor also informs the residents, which is common practice in The Netherlands. As a resident, you can also contact the contractor directly, as soon as contact details are available, we will mention them on this page.

We do expect serious and unavoidable nuisance.  Completion of the project will take at least two years. 

Scroll down for contact information Sint Jacob project.

2. The building next to Plantage Muidergracht 20, a school, is being renovated. This project might also cause nuisance, although probably less than project 1. For 125 residents this project should not cause nuisance!

We sure hope both contractors inform the residents as well. If possible, we will share any additional information available to us with you through these pages. 

Normally construction companies start as early as 7 AM, sometimes even slightly earlier. 

Both projects is not carried out  by De Key.