Introduction to De Key


Introduction to De Key

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.

De Key is non profit organization that offers affordable accommodation to domestic and international students in Amsterdam and Diemen.

De Key was founded in 1868. (2018 we celebrated our 150th anniversary)

Our Short Stay Student rooms are furnished and ready to move in with just your luggage.

De Key Short Stay is not a hotel, our accommodation is characterized by a high degree of self-reliance.

As a tenant you are deemed to arrange many housing issues yourself. We make sure everything works and the common areas are clean and safe.

Good housing conditions are the result of a mutual effort by tenants and landlord. De Key gladly supports community initiatives that create better housing.

Our app and website help you to get all kinds of valuable housing information, we do our utmost to provide the with the correct information at the moment you need it.

Our accommodation is spread out all over the city. The Housing Coach section can help you in making a choice that fits your needs and budget.

Affordable student accommodation can be hard to find in Amsterdam and sometimes the choices can be limited. 

We hope you will find the room you are looking for and look forward to welcoming you as our tenant.

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