If all goes well, and your rent is paid till the end of your tenancy. The deposit will be automatically refunded to your credit card (together with positive balance if that is the case) within 90 days - not sooner than 4 weeks after the end of your tenancy agreement.

Roominspection - Eventhough you could have left your room earlier - all rooms will be checked before or on the final day of your lease by the caretaker and assistants. Within 2 weeks after the tenancy had ended - we start with refunding deposits, based on the reports of caretakers inspection of the room.

Didn't left your room with care - charges will be deducted from your deposit. Caretaker will report his findings and costs to tenant.

We ask you for your patience. We trief to process hundreds of deposit refunds every week as quick as we can. We understand that our tenants are waiting for it with sorrow. Trust us, we want to proces them as soon as possible too. As it saves us a lot of traffic via e-mail where our attention goes out too aswell - which will slow us down.

(you won't receive a notification when it is being processed - not received your deposit after 90 days. Ask us, and we will look in to it)

Be aware: As a result of rounding differences your deposit refund may show a deviation of 10 cents. For example:  If you have paid € 75 deposit, the reimbursement can vary between € 74.90 and € 75.10.



Do I need to fill in the form?

Only when you have paid your deposit in a different way / your credit card expired or no longer have access to the initial card. Then you are asked to share a bank account instead where we can proces it to - via the form at the bottom.

To which credit card will you refund my deposit?

Your deposit will be refunded to the credit card that you used when booking your room. Attention: this is not necesssarily the same as your bank account or credit card used for rent payments during your lease.

Activated a direct debit for your montly rent payments?

Then it can be possible that your deposit will be refunded to that (direct debit) SEPA bank account (refund to credit card can be overruled). Please check both - credit card ánd bank account

My initial booking payment was not paid by credit card, how do I get my deposit?

Please fill us in with your bank details before the end of your stay, so we are able to set up a bank transfer. Please note: a SEPA account is without additional costs and it needs to be open/available for at least 3 months after the end of your tenancy.

How much is my security deposit?

This is stated in your tenancy agreement. first notice and article 3.5 or 3.7 This will be released after the end of your lease. This deposit is not to cover for your final rent.

Can I have my deposit back in cash? On check out day?

You will have it back the way we received it from you. We have no cash. And won't have it refunded to you on the day you check out. See the text above.

Can my deposit be used for my last month rent?

No - You are obligated to pay the rent in advance ánd until the end of your tenancy agreement, also when you plan to leave days or weeks before. Please note: Your tenancy cannot be shortened and is not allowed to sublet.

Deposit delayed? Have you deregistered from the Municipality already?

Your deposit refund will only be released when you are no longer registered on the address of your tenancy. Deregistration is required, when you no longer live and no longer have a tenancy at the rented address!

When your deregistration fails or isn't done in time - local (tax) authorities can charge you for a time after your tenancy has ended with us, but were still registered on the address. Please be aware of this!

*this does not apply to summer school students, as they do not register on the address.

Deposit refund proces via bank transfer

This bank transfer is free of charge when your bank is located in a SEPA country. For non SEPA countries a transfer bank can deduct about € 20 to € 50,- transfer fee from the deposit amount we transfer. We do not cover for the expenses.

1. Please fill in the form below completely and click on send. We will transfer the deposit to this account after the end of your tenancy agreement.

2. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the deposit to another credit card than the one you used when you booked the room.

3. if you do not receive a reply/answer within 5 working days - contact us please and send a new form.


Deposit refund bank account information

De Key residency
Only required for USA and Canada bank account