The deposit will be refunded to your credit card*  within 90 days and not sooner than 4 weeks after the end of your tenancy agreement if all goes well. 

Be aware: As a result of rounding differences your deposit refund may show a deviation of 10 cents. For example:  If you have paid €75 a deposit, the reimbursement can vary between €74.90 and €75.10.

* We will refund to the credit card you paid your deposit with when you booked your room (not your bank account or credit card used for rent payments during your lease).

* Have you activated a direct debit for your monthly rent payments, then it can be possible that refund to credit card will be overruled and transfered to bank instead.

* When you have done the booking payment via another way instead of via the booking process, please fill us in with your bank details, so we are able to set up a bank transfer.

* two semester leases have paid 2 months rent as deposit. Which will be released after the end of your lease. Deposit cannot be used to pay for a rent arear.

* It is not possible to collect your deposit in cash in our office or anywhere else.

When your credit card has expired please fill in the form below.

Rent arrears and damages to the accommodation will be settled with the deposit. See terms & conditions and tenancy agreement for more information.

Deposit is NO last rent payment! You are obligated to pay the rent in advance until the end of your lease, even though you plan to leave days or weeks before.

Important that you deregister from the Municipality, otherwise we need to hold on to your refund until you did. Local tax authorities can also charge you, when you are not deregistered!

No credit card or card has expired?

De Key can transfer the deposit to a bank account.

This bank transfer is free of charge when your bank is located in a SEPA country. For non SEPA countries a transfer bank can deduct about €50,00 transfer fee.

Please fill in the form below completely and click on sent. We will transfer the deposit to this account after the end of your tenancy agreement.

Important is that your account will be available for a duration of at least 3 months after the last day of your lease period for your room.

Unfortunately we cannot refund the deposit to another credit card as the one you used when you booked the room.

Deposit refund bank account information

De Key residency
Only required for USA and Canada bank account