Deregistration Amsterdam Municipality

Update 27-03-2020:

On iphones please first take a picture from your passport before you start filling out the form! You can only select pictures from your image gallery!


The City Council / municipality of Amsterdam will deregister you as per this date. The de-registration date is the final day you will stay in your housing (or at least the final date of your lease with us).

De Key has no role in the deregistration process, we just offer this page to you as an extra service, the actual deregistration will be carried out by the municipality. This document is being sent forward to the Municipality.

This form is only used for de-registration, when you move to another house in Amsterdam or Diemen, this form cannot be used to register at your new address automatically.

It is important that you deregister from the Municipality. Local tax authorities will continue to charge your for your stay/ even after your stay, when you are not deregistered on time!‚Äč

Not received a confirmation from the Municipality after 2 weeks? The deregistration form is sent directly to the municipality. So for confirmation, please contact them directly.

If you have not received a confirmation from the Municipality within 2 weeks, please click here to contact them directly via their website.

When this page isn't working well, we advice you also to contact the Municipality directly!


Deregistration request

Departure date must be within 30 days of today in order to be valid
(use smartphone photo or JPEG/JPG file only)