Residents from Poeldijkstraat & BOLD click FAQ button below:

Residents from Prins Hendrikkade please read below:

1 How do I register my phone to be able to use it as a door key?

After you reserved a KEYless room you will be send an invitation email within 48 hours to register your personal mobile device.

2 Can I only use my phone as a door key?

Any mobile device will work, a phone, tablet or laptop.

3 How many devices "spare keys" can I register?

You can register up to 5 devices via your registration email.

4 What is an electronic key friend?

We suggest creating an electronic key friend. Someone you give your “spare key” to. As it is electronic this can also be someone abroad.

5 I have locked myself out without my phone.

Contact your electronic key friend or even family abroad to open the door for you.

Or you find a new mobile device, go to the registration email we sent you and go through the registration process once more.

6 My phone’s battery is dead.

You charge your phone at the phone charger next to the mailboxes.
If this does not work please check the answer on the previous question.

7 I forgot my PIN code.

If you type in the wrong pin code, 3 times, or you have forgotten your PIN code you click the forgot your PIN? link to go to the RECOVERY PAGE where you will have to answer your personal recovery question. 

8 I have opened the De Key GuestCompass on my phone but I don’t see my door key buttons.

Your electronic door key is only registered in the browser where you filled out the registration form. Go to bit.ly/dekey on your other browser(s), select your property and see if your door key buttons appear.

If the door key buttons are not visible in any of your browsers you will need to register the device again via the registration.

9 I cannot find the registration email.

Click here on this registration link.

10 Is it safe?

All your information sent over the internet is encrypted. Besides encryption we are using multiple other safety measures to make sure only people with a registered device can open a door.

For support, click the phone buttons below, or use the form.

When calling mention De Key, KEYless room Prins Hendrikkade 189. 

Keyless support telephone numbers:

 Keyless Support +31 6 2452 1083
 De Key office and caretaker +31 20 621 4333


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