Our local tips:

Roest a nice bar where a lot of locals go to to relax and have a drink! In summer, Roest also opens its mini-beach - it's like having a beach in the middle of the city!

Burritomaker is RA Lasse's favorite place for food in all of Amsterdam. The most amazing burrito's are as cheap as €9,-. If you insult the Burritomaker, you insult Lasse as well. So be careful!!

Vomar is the closest supermarket, and even cheaper than most other supermarkets in Amsterdam! 

Dappermarkt is the place to go to to buy your fresh fruits and veggies for a good price. Only a kilometer away!

Studio/K is a cinema run by students, with a great variety of (art-house) movies. Also a great place to stick around after your movie for a bite, a drink, or maybe even a little dance!