Housing allowance

Housing or rent allowance is a contribution towards housing costs. This is granted and paid by the Dutch tax authorities. Whether your housing accommodation and you qualify for housing benefit depends on the kind of accommodation and your personal situation.

You can find more information on housing allowance on the website of the tax authorities. Here you can find whether you are eligible for housing allowance. And on our website www.dekey.nl - search for 'housing allowance' - check in information to find an overview of all our accommodations who are eligible or not in 2018/2019.

The allowance application is ruled by yourself with the tax authorities. Therefore, De Key does not deduct the allowance amount from your monthly rent.

The tax authorities calculate the amount of the housing allowance based on your basic rent (or net rent) and certain fees. These fees are:

  1. Basic rent (NL: Kale huur)
  2. Electrical cost common areas. (max. € 12.00)
  3. Cleaning cost common areas. (max. € 12,00)
  4. Caretaker (max € 12.00)

The basic rent plus these fees form the so-called ‘rekenhuur’. The tax authorities use the ‘rekenhuur’ to calculate the allowance.

Click here to find out if your accommodation is eligible and what your  ‘rekenhuur’ would be. 

Do you rent a room with shared facilities?

Please make sure to fill in your address like this on the application form:

  • Bijltjespad 22 Room A
  • H. Cleyndertweg 19 Room K1
  • Rode Kruislaan 1422 B Room K3
  • Meer en Vaart 388 Room K13
  • Plantage Muidergracht 20 B  Room 5
  • Plantage Muidergracht 125 D Room 6
  • Weesperstraat 9 Room F