Housing allowance


Housing allowance

Units that are eligible for housing allowance:

Private rooms/private facilities: YES, when 23 years and older
Private rooms/shared facilities: NO


The authorities calculate the amount of allowance based on the so called 'rekenhuur'.

The ‘rekenhuur’ contains the following:

The basic rent (or net rent);
Electrical costs common areas (max €12,-);
Cleaning costs common areas (max €12,-);
Caretakers costs (max €12,-).

Applying for housing allowance.

You can apply at the Dutch Tax Authoristies (called "Belastingdienst"). Please visit the first  link below.

Find your rekenhuur components

Once your tenancy agreement has started you can create an account on our website (www.dekey.nl) and find the break down of your rent. Add up the 4 rent components as stated above to calculate your ‘rekenhuur’. Bear in mind that elements 2, 3 and 4 have a maximum of € 12.00 per element.

You can also check the second link below to find your rekenhuur components.