Check out
& inspection


Check out
& inspection


Remember: remove all personal items including all bedding except the mattress. Ask your caretaker and RA's where you can disposeyour items (and avoid a fine towards your depost payment)


Leaving on the last day of your lease:

You must leave room before 11 AM and be ready with all check out procedures.  You do not have to wait for for a room inspection. If you choose to be present please have the room completely ready for inspection at 09:00 AM.

Return your keys

  1. Put your keys inside an envelope with your room number written on it.  
  2. Please lock your room and drop the keys in the caretakers mailbox Fraijlemaborg 15B.

Leaving at an earlier date or outside office hours: please fill in the form below.

If you leave at an earlier date or outside office hours please fill in the form below. The final inspection of your room will take place after your departure. 

Note: This form is no termination form to shorten your lease and goes to your caretaker only!

Check out form Fraijlemaborg

Required field

By sending the form I allow De Key employee to enter my room after the departure date stated above.