NEW: WiFi and lighting


NEW: WiFi and lighting

Dear Rode Kruislaan resident,

Next week De Key will start with two projects at Rode Kruislaan:

1. New lighting  in all large communal kitchens.
2. WiFi in all large communal kitchens.

Both projects will start on October 4 in the 1100 building. The other buildings be done as soon as 1100 is finished.

The lighting is placed by a company called EOS Project.
EOS will be finished at the beginning of December.

The WiFi is installed by Technica ICT BV.
They schedule to do one building per week, so the last building (1500) should be finished in 5 weeks from now.
All information about the network (password etc) will be published in the app.

We hope you will enjoy these new services,

Best regards,

Walther Frankel