Local taxes

The rent you pay to De Key is including the use of water, electricity and internet. It does not include water and waste taxes you might have to pay as a citizen of Amsterdam.

Who can expect local tax bills?

Usually residents who rent a private room with private or shared facilities.  Sometimes also one of the 2 residents who rent a shared room can receive an invoice.

The charges can be requested for a part of your lease period or even till after your lease was finished. If you are registered at the Municipality for housing allowance, then it is important that you also deregister on time when your lease ends. A confirmation of the deregistration can be used as proof for the local tax bureau.

Why are local taxes not included in the rent?

The main reason why these taxes are not included in the rent is because  students can apply for a remission/exemption  (in Dutch this is called 'kwijtschelding'). 

When can you apply for Remission?

It depends on your personal finacial situation but in general these are the two main criteria:

  1. Your monthly income is below € 982,79.
  2. Your private capital (savings) is not more than € 2269,00.

Need help?

For your rent breakdown, please create an account online via the link in the tile below called 'Check your payments'.

You can call the City of Amsterdam below (Mon-Fri from 8 AM till 6 PM) or look at one of the links. 

Do it yourself until the final check.

Do as much as you can yourself, Google Translate and your smartphone make these things possible nowadays. The RA's, Student caretakers or a Dutch neighbour can do a final check for you when you ask them politely. 

Here is how to apply for exemption online

" You cannot apply for a refund from De Key when the outcome of your request for remission is denied"