Lock Out Service for Keyless rooms


Lock Out Service for Keyless rooms

  • Please inform the Lock Out Service you have a Keyless room!
  • When the Lock Out Service comes to open your door while the Keyless system is working normally, this service will costs 65 euro (extra surcharge possible, see information below).
  • VMB Lock Out Service does not provide new keys.

The VMB Locked out service is free of charge when the fault lies with the Keyless system.

The VMB Locked out service is available when:

  • You are the tenant of the room/studio (Attention, the tenant must be present in person!).
  • You are at your building.
  • You can show an official ID* 
  • You can e-mail a copy of your tenancy agreement to VMB Lock out service.
  • When the Keyless system is working normally and you still call the Lock Out Service you are willing to pay the cost (minimum amount €65.00)**



STEP 1: Call VMB Lock out service (see call button below)

  • Please give your full name, address, date of birth and telephone number and inform VMB about the lock out.

STEP 2: E-mail your tenancy agreement to VMB Lock out service. (see form below)

STEP 3: VMB will make an appointment with you (usually within 90 minutes).

  • Once VMB arrives you (the tenant) can provide an ID.
  • After the ID check VMB will let you in.*

* Official ID:

Passport or European ID card. When your ID is in your room/studio VMB will ask a few questions to see if the above conditions are OK. By giving the correct answers you may show the ID afterwards.

** Payment

  • The lock out service costs €65,00. If you are not present at the agreed time, the costs can be higher on the basis of an hourly rate of €65,00.
  • The lock out fee must be paid to De Key. De Key will send you an e-mail with a payment link a few days later. The lock out service must be paid within 48 hours.
  • A payment reminder will cost an additional €10.00 per reminder.
  • The lock out fee is not negotiable and not changeable.

E-mail VMB Lock out service KEYLESS ROOM!

For example: +31 6 12345678

When you can't upload, sent the tenancy agreement to this email address.