Dear student,

In the past we’ve noticed that students quite often study in Amsterdam for a longer period than two semesters. De Key would thus like to share this information to prepare you for long stay housing. De Key can only offer short stay student housing for a maximum of two semesters and can’t guarantee housing after your lease ends. And since the supply of student accommodation is very limited in Amsterdam, we would like to advise you on where you can find accommodation if you plan to study longer.

The UvA also provides tips on how to find housing on your own.

Which long stay options do you have?

Studentenwoningweb is a website for student accommodation. Please note, Studentwoningweb offers unfurnished (no carpeting and no curtains) private and shared rooms. The website works on a concept that’s called “waiting time”. The longer your waiting time is, the higher your chances are of being the first candidate when you respond to an advertisement.

The website states: “You start building up waiting time from the day your registration is paid via iDEAL or credit card. If you pay the registration fee a few days later then that will automatically become your registration date. Accommodation is allocated by Studentenwoningweb on the basis of waiting time and/or any applicable priority scheme. The waiting time for a particular accommodation depends on its popularity and location. If you accept student accommodation then you will remain registered with Studentenwoningweb, so you will continue to accumulate waiting time and increase your chance of being offered better accommodation. In this fashion you can move up the student housing ladder.

So if you plan to study longer, then register today and start building your waiting time!


ROOM is another website that offers student accommodation and works with a waiting time concept as well.

Please keep in mind that the registration fee for these websites are non-refundable. So if you know for sure that you’ll study for a longer period of time, register for one of these websites or both to start building your waiting time and to increase your chances.