Booking a room for 2021-2022


Booking a room for 2021-2022

Update: 25-06-2021

In week 26, we start inviting students from UvA/AUAS for our Short Stay rooms available from August 20th, 2021. Candidates get to choose a room they like from the available accommodations at different locations, room types, based on their budgets and needed lease period.

Read all about our different Short Stay accommodations via the home page in our App.

The rooms in our accommodations Prinsengracht and Poeldijkstraat are being offered on request due to other start of lease period

  • Prinsengracht rooms won't be visible in our online booking offer. Available from September 3th, 2021.

Most rooms are directly offered to shared candidates. Students looking out for a private room at this particular buliding, can let us know via e-mail stated in the invite to activate their account with De Key.

  • Poeldijkstraat (fully booked) rooms won't be visible in our online booking room offer. Available from August 13th, 2021.

Pre-offered in week 24 to selected group of candidates by the University in the high categorie budget. 

Students not having a room at Poeldijkstraat will be receiving an account to choose and book a room from our other accommodations in week 26 -  together with all other budget categories.