All about paying the rent


All about paying the rent

Included in your rent:

Internet, inventory, use of water, electricity, heating, caretaker and more. You can find a complete breakdown on your account in our website.  

Click here if you want an explanation on how to create an account. 

Excluded from your rent:

  1. Local tax Municipality of Amsterdam (levy, pollution) See this page for more information.
  2. Water tax (Waternet)

How do you pay your rent?

There are two options:

 1. Pay rent via the email link:

Each month, between the 22th and the 28th, you will receive an email from De Key with a link to pay the rent for the next month. This offers the opportunity to pay the rent by credit card or with iDEAL. (for iDEAL you need a Dutch bankaccount).

Did not receive the e-mail or you can't find it? Please check your SPAM-folder of the email you are registered with when booking the room! When not received, make a payment via your bank account instead: 

2. Pay rent via bank transfer:

The account holder name is Woonstichting De Key.
The IBAN for De Key’s bank account is NL22INGB0000138140
De Key's BIC-code for payments from abroad is INGBNL2A

​Bank address:

ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam

Please include your 8 digit tenancy agreement number (starts with 17, 18 or 19) as stated on the front page of your contract.

For more information, please contact our service centre via 020 - 621 4333.

It is also possible to make a bank transfer or set up a monthly- or periodical payment order. You can set this up yourself if you have internet banking.

Paying rent for a part of the month in advance

If the last month of your tenancy agreement is not a full month, you can calculate the amount of rent you will need to pay until the last day of your lease.

You can do this by dividing the monthly rent with the number of days in the last month and then multiplying this by the number of days that your lease runs for that month.

Around the 24th of the month, you will receive a PayByLink with the adjusted last rent amount. When not received, please set up a bank transfer instead.

What if I do not pay my rent on time?

​In the event that your rent is not paid on time, you will receive a payment reminder by e-mail.

  1. The first reminder is sent seven days after the payment deadline.
  2. A second reminder is sent fourteen days after the payment deadline.
  3. A third and final reminder is sent five days after the second reminder. Your contact person at your university will also be notified.


Tenant may not use their rented housing for a purpose other than living there -or make their rented housing available for use by a third party. If these rules are found to have been violated, the tenant will be liable for a penalty to be paid immediately amounting to € 75.00 for each day that the violation has taken place. He or she shall also continue to be subject to the terms of the agreement and without prejudice to the landlord's other rights to compensation.

Your caretaker or RA can help in case rules and regulations are violated by others around you.