Planned maintenance


Planned maintenance

Here you will find the announcements of scheduled maintenance. 

6-10 September: Hallway floor of the 2nd floor will be fixed

13-20 September: Hallway floor of the 3rd floor will be fixed

September 21st: Skirting boards will be applied on the 2nd and 3rd floor

Dear future resident of the Bercylaan (BOLD),

Up till the end of October 2021, you will probably experience some noise nuisance from construction work in and around BOLD.

For example, the courtyard needs to be finished and a few rooms still need to be furnished, due to the fact of delay in the completion of the construction.

The 167 rooms that in fact are already finished and furnished, we decided to rent out in August/September, because we are aware of the immense need of housing for international students.

From the end of October 2021, we expect all construction in the building and courtyard to be finished.

Due to the fact that Amsterdam-Noord is transformed into a fully-fledged part of the city (now the former industrial areas are being transformed into residential and working areas, complete with a range of companies in the creative sectors) homes, parks and sports facilities are constantly being built and refurbished. This can cause some nuisance as well, but is probably something to get used of soon once you see the pretty structures and surroundings Noord has to offer.

Next to BOLD, the Y towers are being built till spring 2023. Luckily the ‘heavy construction’ like pile driving and drills is already finished.

The construction work is now mostly focused on stacking all floors and completing their courtyard.

Thank you for your time and we hope you will enjoy your stay at BOLD!

Attention: this building is the first part of a larger development. By the end of 2021 most of the nearby construction works are completed. Residents can expect nuisance caused by the construction works.

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