Register at
City Hall


Register at
City Hall

Are you planning to stay in the country for more than four consecutive months? Amazing choice, you will love it here! You will, however, have to register at City Hall.

This can only be done in person and by appointment at City Hall. 


Contact City Hall Amsterdam.

14 020 (Dutch phones only)


Contact City Hall Diemen.

(020) 31 44 644

Registering with your municipality and getting a ‘BSN’

If you intend to live in the Netherlands for over 4 months, you must register with your local municipality. This is a mandatory procedure, and irrespective of your nationality (even you, EU citizens!). If you are moving within the Netherlands, you must inform your new municipality of your arrival.

You can only register for the lease period as stated in your official lease agreement with us. Not sooner/before the start date and not longer after your lease ended. 

The registration is done in person at your local town or city hall. All family members that will be registered must be present. No registration fees apply. You have to bring the following documents: valid passport or identity card, legalised birth certificate, and a proof of address. If you are accompanied by your spouse, you must also bring your legalised marriage certificate. If you have any children with you in the Netherlands, their legalised birth certificates are also required.

Upon registration, you are assigned a Citizen Service Number (BSN, the Dutch acronym for Burger Service Nummer), which government agencies use in all correspondence with you.

The BRP (Basisregistratie Personen) Amsterdam is located at the Amsterdam Municipal Registry Office (Dienst Persoons- en Geoinformatie), Amstel 1, 1011 PN Amsterdam. You can register as soon as you have a rental or purchase contract for accommodation.