Rent a Bike


Rent a Bike

There are two easy options to rent a bike for the duration of your stay:

1. Student Bike

  • Hand brakes and at least 3 gears
  • Maintenance and repairs are included
  • Insured against bike theft
  • Always a replacement bike
  • No waiting time/list and excellent service

2. SWAP Bike

SWAP offers two models:

  1. Coaster brakes model with no gears
  2.  Hand brakes model with hand breaks
  • Maintenance and repairs are included
  • Always a replacement bike
  • Insured against theft (you will pay 40 euro deductable)
  • You can register 1 or 2 months before your arrival and start paying when you pick up the bike.
  • TIP: when you apply do inform SWAP FIETS you want to communicate via e-mail instead telephone. 
  • PAY ATTENTION:  SWAP bikes can have a later delivery due to high demand. The earlier you apply the better it is.

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