Our accommodation is equipped with furniture and furnishings. There is a standard inventory for each type of our property. The inventory can vary slightly between rooms, studios and room types.

Use of the inventory
We expect you to treat the room/studio and it's interior nicely and respectfully. In many cases the inventory is not new, it may be visible that the inventory has been in use for some time. Some deterioration is allowed (i.e. fair wear and tear), but for serious damages of the above mentioned items and pieces you could get charged with repair or replacement cost.

Use of the walls, doors and ceiling
You may not damage them in any way. Do not use tape, skewers, drilling machines or anything else that can create damage of any kind.

Some rooms have a special poster bar, which you can use to pin photos or posters (see photo).



Check the inventory
Check the inventory based on the inventory list within two weeks of arrival (see link below). Here you will also find a form that you can fill in and submit in case items are missing or you want to report certain things.

Add your own inventory in your home
It is allowed to add small furniture and the like. Think for example of small lamps, plants or a small rug. But at the end of your stay you are expected to return the property as you found it when you arrived. And you must neatly dispose of all added items via waste or bulky waste procedures (see Accommmodation page for more info on this).
You cannot add large items such as extra beds or couches to the home!

Inventory insurance (home insurance)
We strongly recommend you take out an insurance for all your personal possessions.We also recommend to take home insurance that covers the cost of alternative housing in case of an emergency situation such as a fire.

The furniture and standard room inventory provided by Lieven De Key are already insured.

Adding your own inventory in the common areas
Unfortunately this is not allowed. We notice, for example, that benches and chairs are taken off the street and placed in the buildings, which is prohibited in connection with hygiene (vermin such as bed bugs are more than happy to come in with these items)

Quenstions or concerns?
If you have any questions about the above, please contact your RA or caretaker. They can advise you.