Transportation Maassluisstraat - Vlaardingenlaan

From Central Station take tram 2 to Nieuw Sloten (Get off at Stop Heemstedestraat) or Metro (underground) to Henk Sneevlietweg




Public transportation chip card

In Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands, the public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is used for travel on trams, buses, metros and trains. Residents in Amsterdam typically own a personalised card that can be recharged with credit or other travel tickets. 

Special OV-chipcard international students
If you buy an OV-chipcard via the link below you not only get an OV-chipcard but also a ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) with the best discounts all over the world and a 20% discount during off-peak hours on national railway (NS). 

Check for more detailed information the ISIC website.