You must deregister from the municipality.

Please use the form below, this form will be sent to City Hall automatically when you are finished. (you do not have to go to City Hall in person!)

Please pay attention: Make your ID copy safe!

In order to deregister online via this app you will have to upload a copy of your ID. We strongly recommend following these guidelines regarding the copy of your ID:

  • Make a paper copy of your ID and write COPY on it.
  • Line through the ID number. (City hall does not need it).
  • Make sure your photo, name, gender and date of birth remain visible.
  • As extra measurement you can also write the date and CITY HALL on the copy.
  • When having troubles to deregister, please go to the City hall*.
  • Didn't get any confirmation of your de-registration, within a reasonable time (2 weeks), please check with the Municipality if your de-registration has been successful.

See example photo below.

Please use these guidelines when uploading your ID. Your ID will only be sent to the City Hall, De Key does not receive a copy of it! Sending your ID is at your own risk. 

* It is important that you deregister from the Municipality, otherwise we need to hold on to your refund until you did. Local tax authorities can also charge you, when you are not deregistered!