Visitor registration


Visitor registration

Visitors* are allowed to stay with you for up to one week, as long as you inform De Key in advance about the expected arrival and departure dates and the number of guests (max. 2 at a time).

How often? You can have visitors during a total of 14 days if you stay for half a year (one semester) and 28 days if you stay an entire year (two semesters).

*Multiple stays by one guest are not allowed since they can be considered as a permanent stay. All rooms and facilities (except couple room contracts) are meant for one person only.

Shared room residents must provide De Key with written permission from your roommate.

Summerschool tenants are not allowed to have visitors stay over in the room nor the adjacent facilities.

Subletting your room in any form is strictly forbidden (see house rules)!

De Key does not provide extra mattresses. 

Please use the below form for the registration:

Visitor registration form