Who are we?


Who are we?

Hello everyone!
We are Aisha, Noh and Jozef and we are the Resident Assistants (RA’s) of Bercylaan/BOLD. What does this mean? Basically, we are here to help you answer questions about Amsterdam, university life, your room and anything else to make your stay in our beautiful city more enjoyable.

We also organise events so that you can get to know your neighbours, get to know the area and most importantly make you comfortable and feel at home.

I’m Aisha and I’m currently wrapping up my MA in Global History and International Studies. Visiting museums, chilling in the park (avoid Vondelpark, there are around 30!), and exploring the cultural events Amsterdam has to offer is a must! Ask me about the best cafés and places to drink ;) 

Aisha’s Amsterdam tip: The best apple pie in the city is found at Winkel 43 at Noordermarkt!

I’m Noh, a 3rd year Anthropology student. Besides studying, I spend my time going to a cosy jazz bar in Amsterdam, some camp fire places, or public spaces where they organise events, social debates,cultural exchanges and exhibitions among others.  I can refer anyone interested to these places. 

My tip: Enjoy beer tasting inside a windmill beer company in Amsterdam. (Brouwerij’t IJ)

My name is Jozef and I’m doing a double master’s in Stochastics and Econometrics. I enjoy reading, working out and sitting around in cafés. Talk to me about Formula 1, Houellebecq or the weather. I also really like Vondelpark, which I didn’t know was a controversial opinion.

My tip: visit the royal palace on Dam square for its history as city hall during the Dutch Golden Age and that one room with maps on the floor.