Keyless manual


Keyless manual

4 steps, reading time 5 minutes.

Step 1. Register

Important for Android users: please turn on NFC in your settings before starting the App for a succesfull registration.

Download the De Key Shortstay app via the link in the Register your phone email that is send two weeks prior to arrival. Or go to the app stores direct.

Start with selecting your building in the settings menu and save it. Now the App will always start on the building you live in. Also you will receive pushmessages from De Key if it concerns your building.

Note The keyless system is operational from iOS 13 and Android 5.1 and up.

Note II If you run into questions during the registration process please use the help button on the registration page to report your issue. We will receive info on your registration and will help you out.

Start the registration by clicking on the "Register keys" button on the frontpage and fill out the form.

Step 2. Access

After filling out the registration form you will receive a SMS message with a link, when you click the link the App will be opened and your keys will be registered. Once registered you will receive a second SMS message with a code. Enter the code in the App and your registration is finalized! 

When you don't receive the SMS messages you can choose an e-mail option to receive both messages and complete the registration.

You will now see a new button at the bottom of the app: ACCESS.

Step 3. Scan to open
When you are standing in front of your apartment door with the black knob, press the ACCESS button on the app and hold the NFC chip of your phone against the lock. After 3 to 4 seconds you will see if it was successful. If succesfull you can open the lock by turning the black knob. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Step 4. My keys

In the near future the common areas will also be accesible via your phone. Until then you will use a pin code.

On the main page you can find the pin code of the front door and other general doors on the “My keys” page. The pincode will be change every week for safety reasons.

This information is only visible once registered.

Click below to check the temporary pincode access: