Welcome to the Zuiderzeeweg!

My name is Clement Etnel and I am your caretaker. You can contact me with any questions you might have - via the button below this message.

You can report your repairs online but I can help you when it's necessary.

My office is located at Zuiderzeeweg 90-R*, next to the laundry room.

You can try visit me here on Mondays between 3 PM - 4 PM. It can happen that my visit hours are cancelled due to circumstances.

*or general caretaker office at Bijltjespad 44.

When you want to be certain to meet me at the accommodation, we can make an appointment via the e-mail.

Wishing you a pleasant stay.



In case you want to drop off your roomkeys at the end of your stay, please use the mailbox numbered 90-R.