Your room upon arrival


Your room upon arrival

For cleaning issues, please scroll down.


All our rooms are furnished with a standard inventory.  

Kitchen appliances such as pots & pans are not included in the room inventory.


Check your inventory within two weeks after your tenancy started.



Room cleaning and preparation:

Your room has been cleaned by one of our cleaning partners (scroll down to report any cleaning issue). Please note, our rooms have been previously used. Walls, ceilings and objects can, despite thorough cleaning, show signs of use and spots.

In your room you will find:

1. Welcome box (includes your bedding*)

Includes is a basic bedding package; for colder nights you might want to add an extra duvet and for a firmer pillow consider bringing your own or buy another one upon arrival.

  1. Duvet and duvet sheet
  2. Pillow and pillow case
  3. Mattress cover sheet
  4. Disposable plate and cutlery (made of biodegradeble materials!)
  5. Toilet paper (1 roll)
  6. Garbage bag (1 or 2)
  7. Welcome card
  8. Explanation Give Away Box

The bedding package is yours to keep!

2. Give away box from previous tenant.

The previous tenant might have left his/her Welcome Box as a Give Away Box for the next tenant. You decide if you want to use these items. If you don't want/need them we trust you will either place them with rubbish or find someone else who might be very happy with it.






We urge you to do the same when you leave, so make sure to keep the Welcome Box so you could pass on items like this:

Are you not happy with the cleaning?

When there is lack of cleaning or missing bedding please click on the link above to inform us. We will take action as soon as possible and will contact you within a few hours.

We do our utmost to correct the lack of cleaning within 24 hours, often we can correct it the same day. So please wait for our respond.

Don't forget!

To take out a home or travel insurance to be covered for any theft or fire damage!